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DISCOVER TODAY - How to become a
bartender, find the best bartending
jobs, get paid to party and
earn hundreds of dollars a night by
following my
simple 100% FREE bartenders guide!

If you've come to this website, chances are you seriously thinking about
how to become a bartender. You've heard about the cash that you can
make, the beautiful women and hot guys, and that bartending is basically
getting paid to party on a nightly basis.

I'm here to tell's all true.

I've been a bartender for more than 15 years and I've seen pretty much
everything there is to see inside a bar, night club, restaurant or wedding
reception! It's a fantastic career that will line your pockets with cash and
phone numbers from men and women who really want to be your new

The great thing about becoming a bartender is that drinking alcohol will
never go out of style! All over the world, there are people who need a
friendly face and a strong drink after a tough day at work, a bad breakup
with their significant other, or to escape from the harsh realities of the
world we live in.

The bartending industry is GROWING, but you're going to need to learn
bartending basics before a manager or owner will let you walk behind the
bar and start slinging drinks.

Look, bartending schools are EXPENSIVE (up to $1000!!). They focus too
much on making drink recipes with colored water and not enough on how
to work behind a bar and make sales or keep customers happy and coming
back for more. They are a waste of your hard-earned money.

I developed my Master Bartending Course while employed as a corporate
bar trainer for one of the largest entertainment chains in the United States.
I've trained THOUSANDS of bartenders and dozens of companies are using
my bartender course to train and re-train their own staff.

My Master Bartending Course delivers 14 in-depth lessons focusing on
bartender basics like:

Bartending Terms
Essential Bartender Tools
Essential Drink Recipes Every Bartender Should Know
Beer 101
Wine 101
Wine Service
Wine and Food Pairing
Essential Liquors and Brands
Responsible Alcohol Service
How to Make Great-Looking, Great-Tasting Drinks Every Time
Basic Techniques for Mixing Drinks
How to Upsell and Increase Your Check Average
How to Ace the Bartending Interview
Where All the Good Bartending Jobs are Hiding
How to Win Over the Crowd and Develop Regulars
How to Earn Massive Amounts of Tips

You'll also receive:

Personalized Bartending Certificate
Job Hunting Guide
Interview Advice Guide
100 Drinks Every Bartender Should Know Speed Sheet
More than 2,000 Additional Drink Recipes
The Master Bartending Guide is a simple, easy-to-use bartending course
that will teach you so much more than your inexperienced competition will
ever learn.  When you walk into a bartending job interview, you want to
have as much knowledge and expertise as possible.

Outside of some very specific skills and knowledge, being a bartender is
about PERSONALITY. Customers can get drinks anywhere, but it's the
personality and the atmosphere that makes people come back again and

If you're still not sold on becoming a bartender, sign up for my free
bartending report above. You'll not only receive an immediate download of
The Perks of Being a Bartender, but also the first of 14 lessons from my
Master Bartending Course absolutely FREE!

You will never find a bartending course with this kind of information for the
price that I'm offering it, and it won't always be available at this discounted

So, if you really want to lead the exciting life of a bartender, sign up for the
free report above or
jump in and buy my full course, including bartending
certificate, job hunting guide, interview advice guide, speed sheet of the
essential 100 drink recipes every bartender should know and a collection of
over 2,000 extra drink recipes, just in case!
Remember, these amazing
bonuses are not available with the free version of my course, so if
you want ALL the great insider information, it's worth the small
investment of just $5.99!
P.S. Just Look at How My Master Bartending Course has
Helped Other People Find Great Bartending Jobs!
“I was wandering aimlessly through life and thought that being a bartender
was a good way to meet girls and make a little money.  Once I started and
learned the ropes, I realized that there’s a huge market for liquor and that
the better bartender you are, the more money you make. Now, I own my
own bar/restaurant.  It’s doing really well, and I’m making more money
than I had ever dreamed of!  I never would have thought so ten years
-Dave R., Bloomington, IN
"The opportunities for professional bartenders extend way beyond
traditional pubs and taverns.  With your newfound skills, the jobs will be
coming at you left and right!  Restaurants, golf courses, catering
companies, and hotels will all need your services. You could be looking at
hundreds of dollars in tips every night!"
-Michelle C., Harrisburg, PA
"I am not looking to enter the world of professional bartending, but I have
had a lasting fascination with mixology and with making the right drink for
the right person at parties as well as discovering new liquors and trying to
create new cocktails. As a third year law student, I also really like
certifications and written testimonials of achievement. I found the Master
Bartender Course great in all respects, it put in systematic order what I
already knew, filled in the gaps of what I should have known and added
tons of instantly applicable information. The recipes are presented in a
straightforward way and the drinks uniformly come out amazing. My
friends highly appreciated my newly acquired knowledge and confidence,
as well as the great Caipirinhas and Mojitos I made during my last dinner
party. Highly recommended to anyone with a passion for entertaining and
great cocktails!"
-Asen V., Sacramento, CA
Includes Top Ten Perks of Being a Bartender
DAY from my
Master Bartending Course!
Your information is 100% secure with me. I hate
spam and will never sell, rent or share your personal
Your information is 100% secure with me. I hate
spam and will never sell, rent or share your personal
Includes Top Ten Perks of Being a Bartender
DAY from my
Master Bartending Course!
OR...Get Instant Access to the Entire
Master Bartending Course and
Bonuses Right Now for Just 5.99!
*Bonuses not included with free course
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